By considering target groups, well designed visual customer journeys will directly inspire conversion.
I use a simple method called: Touch -Tell – Sell.
It clearly determines the visual needs to that part of the customer journey where the customer interaction will have optimal effect.  

With this foundation, charging a brand or a conversion goal is made easy. It requires using a single set style, to build up the recognition that makes a campaign stand out in the public space. The digital space makes room for more animated content, the printed space gives great impact to any campaign.

I love being in the creative space, researching and looking for new ways to visually say things, from simple communication styles to carefully constructed and expressive images. But always relevant.

These are some take outs…

I believe in people

Every person is at the core of their own being. Showing this being is the most amazing privilege for me as a photographer. For individuals, for agencies, for brands.

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