Customer journey experience, composite photography, spontanious photographs, emotionaly charged pictures and conceptual productions.

But also company stories, personal moments, poetic visuals or commercial campaigns. In teams, on location and allot of studio time.

Something I do for brands, for nice people and to make fun. That kind of thing.

And me? I’m a cheerful fellow, but seriously serious when I’m working on images.
I often work in the studio on campaigns for bol.com, but as often as I can I’ll be working on with people on location.

I’m born in Kenia in 76′, I was raised in the UK, I studied photography in Belgium and I finally landed in Amsterdam. I am Dutch though.

Visualizing ideas creates a fantastic energy. I’m often looking for collaboration between trades to act on new ideas.

So, don’t hesitate to say hi!

Some cool brands and companies I work with…