I’m a photographer

…so you can expect me to fall in love with my subject. Visualy that is – features, expressions, character, energy. But also the moment, the styling, the situation, the story. All these I love exploring by making images. By moulding the light. By selecting the images together, to see which image conveys an essence, something intricate that would otherwise remain hidden. And then to amplify this by retouching, giving texture and kneading colour. In doing so, my images aim to touch the realm of timelessness. Or just  look great.

But also you can expect me to participate in pre-production meetings, understand the brief, create images or stop motion graphics in close harmony with the team, you can lean on my personal style or I can follow the set style guide, in the studio or on location. As a one man band, but preferably with an orchestra of specialists. You can expect me to have my own high end gear (all souped up due to my lens fetish), but I’m just as happy on other peoples’ professional systems.

I love working with digi- and light-professionals; Teaming up increases quality, or increases efficiency. Or both. Always. I have some really great people in my network, but I’m always over the moon to collaborate with new people.
I can easily retouch the work I’ve made too, I even love to do this. And tagging my stakeholders along in the journey of selection- and retouching is a little specialty of mine. In anything I do, I stand for nothing but amazing results. As if my life depends on it. If not, I will eat my shoe.

I’m a creative photographer

… so maybe with, or maybe without an art director – looking at why to shoot, what to shoot, how to shoot, where to shoot, with whom to shoot; creating concepts from scratch feels like home coming for me. Concepts can be USP-driven, people or product centered, brand-charging, an out of home campaign or digging out the visual story from the words.

An approach could also imply personal-branding, a story-telling approach, or even looking at a concept as a work of art. You can expect to be known in your wishes, and expect to be taken along in ideas that fit or exceed expectations.
Working like this is becomes a solid a team-effort, from ideas to a project set up, leading to production and delivery of the custom tailored content.

Projects as these are different every time, but are also hard to pin point how much time is involved in the making; I love pricing this approach as one figure so everyone is happy before we start. That way we can fuss about what is important: making amazing image content!

I’m a strategic creative photographer

…so if the brand identity becomes the question of a company, where design and the visual tone of voice need to speak the same values, looking at all the visual touch-points of media output becomes key. This invites the need to think and test out of the box – as the visual language needs its own unique character.

Questions like: what do staff-photographs need to look like? Images for internal communication? And should you consider adapting the visual tone of voice in your B2B channels? And how does that connect with B2C visuals? And how will you keep it consistent over time?

In this approach, together with your advise and key-people, we will look at new approaches to establish a visual identity on par with design and the textual tone-of-voice, produce what is needed and transfer the insights in easy-to-use style guides and in house workshops.

And me?

I’m a cheerful fellow, but seriously serious when I’m working on images. This has been the case now for 23 odd years or so. Seasoned and hugely inspired by the analogue film- medium format- and 4×5″-era, I’m now fully digital and loving it: what’s achievable is only limited by imagination!

I was born in Kenia in 76′, I was raised in the UK, I studied photography in Belgium, I’m in love with Scandinavian landscapes, finally landed in Amsterdam and I work with people from all over. I am Dutch though, sort of, I think.

Visualizing ideas and making concepts come to life creates a fantastic energy. That’s why I’m always looking for collaboration between trades to make fresh work.

So… don’t hesitate to say hi!