I believe in, people. People have character.

I also believe that showing personal character is key for any brand or story – a human brand is a personal connection, not just a service or thing.

By showing the remarkable, the genuine, a photograph can convey stories that touch, charge brand value to a personal level or move someone deeply.

As a photographer, this is what I seek to find, from every small captured moment to every large production.

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Ik ben.. / I'm..

This series is part of a larger project, following the children in their everyday adventures and drama’s. It is a story about growing up on a small square in the west of Amsterdam.

A safe haven where, later on in life, their formative years will reflect the freedom they called home, and so forming identity. A succes for urban development, exemplary for parental education.

My two children form the spark of the story, but I cannot see them separate to my own East-African start, and the way it has shaped my perception. When the square does not fulfill their needs anymore,

the story will reach its end. The new generation of children will then already have taken over to claim their moment in time and build their formative, summer years.

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