Event photography…

Sometimes it is my role to be the ‘fly-on-the-wall’: to observe, read the story, feel the brand and show it using people, using overview or close-ups strengthened by using light. Using emotion as base ingredient it can charge a brand so much further than the sum of its parts. To make this visible is what drives me.

Yet, with the same ease I direct and organise set ups to portray speakers for example; To swiftly make somebody feel at ease, guide their expectation and have them looking great in a matter of minutes. Preferably adding some branding elements in the image. It all adds up to how the outside world will perceive your brand value.

Images are delivered ready for social media, print, web or other media. A small selection can be delivered on the day itself in order to show what others could have been part of they would have been there – in real time.

Note to the reader: I do not necessarily share the political ideas of my clients shown on this page.

The images on this page are best seen on a computer.